My body was a mess after the pandemic. Not only had I gained 30 pounds. I had almost completely lost touch with my body mechanics. Sitting at a desk in front of Zoom all day for three years had taken its toll. I had little to no core engagement. My shoulders were chronically slumped. I was in near constant pain. And I was severely injury prone.

With patience, compassion, humor, and insight, Ana helped me rehabilitate my body. Muscle by muscle, movement by movement, she taught me how to coordinate my muscle contractions for optimal body functioning. Now, not only have I lost the extra weight. I've regained my core engagement, improved my body symmetry, and gained the knowledge necessary to continue my progress as I explore other forms of exercise. Chris and Ana are mad geniuses, and their studio is a hidden gem. I recommend them to anyone looking to get out of chronic pain and/or improve their physical performance. James

I should like to speak in general terms before becoming specific. I came to the miracle of Pilates rather late in life and so in a sense feel even more grateful for my discovery Between the macho exercise that is competitive and strenuous and the meditative kind of exercise that moves very slowly, this is a happy compromise. The two dancers who established this studio--no doubt because they themselves have been in intimate contact with their bodies for many years--are especially sensitive to individual needs. There is never any pressure to excede what you are capable of or any stress because you "did not measure up." The atmosphere here is always conducive to working at a pace that makes sense for each person. Whatever my state of mind, whatever my physical condition, I leave the studio a better person, more supple, more in tune with my body and therefore more ready to face what lies ahead. Rouben

Anna and Chris are intelligent, and insightful instructors. I worked individually with Anna for about 2 months. She was keenly attune to my body's quirks and past injuries and developed a fabulous, individualized workout that helped move everything into a better place. Their space is beautiful, clean, inspiring with great views. Love them, love them, love them. Jennifer

I highly recommend Pilates in the Heights. I had stopped smoking last year and that coupled with middle age resulted in a body that was no longer recognizable as mine. I needed to take action. Pilates in the Heights (Ana and Chris) was the answer. I initially signed up for a series of mat classes that were convenient as well as reasonable. I soon realized that the classes were cheaper than the weekly cost of cigarettes. The class size is limited to 4 so from day one I felt that I was being provided with personalized training. I now take machine as well as mat classes three times per week. (I had asked Santa for machine classes.) I have lost the weight and am in the best shape of my life. Ana and Chris are the most knowledgeable and skilled trainers I have ever worked with. I work as a Nurse Practitioner at the Medical Center and look forward to my regular workouts. The studio is so peaceful and tranquil that I feel it is a well deserved break after a hard day. If you want a strong, lean body or if you are just looking for a change in your exercise routine consider riding the A train for a few stops to Pilates in the Heights. PS I have not smoked in 16 months after a 30 year pack a day habit and I attribute my success in part to Pilates in the Heights. Maureen

My Pilates session with Chris was my favorite hour of the week. He is a very gifted and patient instructor who is able to bring out the best in me. I was able to achieve things that I never thought I could. Pilates has such a wide variety of exercises, there was always something new to work on. I recommend Pilates and Chris to anyone that wants a great experience with wonderful results. Randy

Pilates is a great program for anyone looking to improve their level of fitness. This studio in particular is especially skilled in helping men and women who have problems with back, muscle and joint pains. When I first searched for a pilates instuctor, I was impressed with Chris and Ana's backgrounds as ballet dancers. I thought they must have had lots of experience in their own dance training with sports injuries and body mechanics. Indeed they have, and they both are very knowledgeable. I have been working with them both 2-3 times a week for five months. I quickly saw an improvement with my strength, and was especially pleased when I could see muscles forming that I never had before. The atmosphere there is professional, but pleasant and fun. The equipment is up-to-date and kept in terrific condition. Each session pushes your body further, but not too much. The first thing they ask you when you arrive is how your body is feeling, and adjust your workout accordingly. I have done both private and group lessons and each session is taylored to your body and your own progress. This is the best money I've ever spent on myself and any excercise plan because I have easily stuck with it and enjoy going. Anyone who wants to try pilates, or find a new studio should call Pilates in the Heights. Rebecca

Pilates in the Heights is an incredible addition to the neighborhood. Having taken pilates classes at numerous studios, I can truly say that Chris is amongst the best instructors I've ever encountered. Both the small group and private sessions provide very strong personal attention and even in the groups, I felt that he was able to tailor my sessions to address my personal level of experience (intermediate if I'm being generous) while making it both fun AND challenging. The studio is a comfortable, inviting space, and the equipment is all top notch - I will definitely be returning for more sessions!!! Chloe

Pilates in the Heights is the first pilates studio that I have experience with and I was really impressed with it. I started about 8 months ago and I am already addicted to it. Not only pilates is a great way to exercise and get your body in perfect shape, but also Ana and Chris are wonderful teachers, besides being incredibly friendly and nice. They know exactly what is going on in your body, how to teach you every single exercise and how you can improve doing it. Furthermore, every exercise is aimed at your own body needs; if there is a part of your body that bothers you, you just tell them and they know exactly what to do to help you fix the problem! They are truly amazing. Although, I have a very busy schedule, being a working (and commuting) mom, I would never give up my pilates classes with Ana and Chris. So…do not hesitate, try it! Why not? It would be the perfect gift for yourself and/or the person(s) that you love! Francesca

Ana and Chris have created an amazing Pilates studio that is fresh, clean and inviting--with up-to-date equipment and a spectacular view. They provide expert instruction and I am a devoted follower. On average, I go three times a week and enjoy every minute of my session. I have primarily taken with Ana and she is a great instructor--whether you are new to Pilates or have been taking for years as I have. Both are very knowledgable about Pilates, the body as well as the mind/body connection. I can't say enough good things about Pilates in the Heights--truly the best to offer. Kimberly

I started taking classes here in June of 2006 while working in the area. My grant funded job is over, and I still commute from Brooklyn Heights just for these classes. Wish my schedule allowed me to take more than one class a week. No where else can you get individual attention from such intelligent and knowledgeable individuals. Ana and Chris are a great team. They are without a doubt the best to be had in Pilates today. I have taken quite a few classes elsewhere in Manhattan and Brooklyn, this level of service does not exist elsewhere. The studio is immaculate with fabulous views of the Mid-town skyline and the Hudson River. The equipment is maintained meticulously and used extensively. I have never had the same work out twice in a row and I take both machine and mat classes. Chris and Ana keep track of each student's progress and customize each workout. Do yourself a favor and sign on! Martha

Pilates in the Heights is a wonderful space. As a former letter carrier, my posture and knees were in terrible shape due to excessive stair climbing and lugging a heavy mail satchel on my back. Thanks to Ana and Chris, we've seen remarkable improvements in the last 10 months. My contorted posture and dubious knees are so much better. I intend to stick with this as long as possible. I highly recommend this establishment, for these two people are truly the Pilates Instructors extraordinaire. See for yourself! Theresa

I have had an amazing experience at Pilates in the Heights. This is by far the best place I have taken Pilates. Both Chris and Ana are fabulous instructors. They tailor each workout to meet your needs; this is a personal place and they have put their hearts and passion into it. I learn something new in every class The equipment is brand new and top knotch. The prices are very reasonable. They offer individual and group instruction as well as mat classes. It is also great that it is so convenient to the Columbia medical campus. I would recommend Pilates in the Heights to any person -beginner to advanced. Melissa

I have taken pilates for several years at many studios all over Manhattan. PILATES IN THE HEIGHTS is the absolute best! This Pilates studio offers the best teachers in NYC. My teacher at the studio comes from a dance background and truly understands anatomy and how the body works. Because class size is limited to only a few people, my sessions are customized for me as an individual. So, I get the most out of each session. These teachers do not just go through the routine. I don't really find this anywhere else in Manhattan. The apparatus is state of the art!! I love the privacy of this studio as well. And, classes are well-priced!! I do not think you can get this quality for this price anywhere except for Pilates in the Heights. This studio is great for every type of body - young, old, thin, overweight, first-timers, professional dancers, etc. The teachers are very supportive and nice as well. I highly recommend trying it. Mary-Ann

With the spectacular views of Midtown and the Hudson River, taking class at Pilates in the Heights is an inspirational experience. The studio’s atmosphere combined with the excellent Pilates instruction allows me to elevate above the city stress, focus and improve my Pilates technique faster.   Courtney

Ana is a gifted and patient teacher, sharing her knowledge of Pilates and the body in a simple and practical way that is accessible to everyone. Meticulous and specific with her adjustments, Ana teaches her students to focus on the process, not the outcome. She has something for everyone—from the beginner to experienced Pilates student. Thank you, Ana, for being such an inspiration.   Ludmilla

I can't say enough about Pilates—it has made me fit, strong and increased my endurance—and I’ve seen improvement in every sport I play. Ana is an excellent Pilates teacher; she makes the workout challenging but within my capabilities while taking into consideration my weaknesses and injuries.   Debbie 212-568-4907